Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The best country in the world

Finland is the best country in the world this year, according to Legatum study. This made me laugh for a moment (yes, I'm finnish), but then I realized those wacks can very well be right. We are so hopeless as a species that Finland is the best we can do. It's kind of depressing.

Even we are the best there is still many things we could do better. We have certain amount of corruption, but we don't like to call it corruption. We even have homeless people and a shitload of unemployed people. Finland is also a very expensive country to live in.

The good thing about Finland is that we are pretty decent people. We like to do things right and work hard. But we too are in the pressure of globalization and we really are the most vulnerable to that. If we can't stop the flow of criminal foreigners to our country everything will be lost in 50 years. Their genes are lesser. I hate to say that, but what can I do? It's their fault of being stupid apes compared to us.

Maybe this was not yet the time to progress from apes to real intelligent human beings like us. We need more time for others to evolve in the same level where we are now.

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Andrew Doull said...

When I took my lesser genes to Finland a few years back I quite enjoyed it but I'm glad I didn't run into anyone with your attitude to foreigners.