Saturday, 18 September 2010

Visual C++ Express 2010

I developed Kaduria with VC2005 and one of the first thing was to get VC Express for my new computer. Installing was not a problem, but then I hit the brick wall. You need to register VC in 30 days, but the validation e-mail is blocked by mbnet, my e-mail provider. There is no junk mail folder to check junk mail. Fuck this shit. I sent an e-mail to microsoft and hopefully the answer is not blocked. Maybe I could re-register to Windows Live ID (something that was required for registering VC) by creating an account to hotmail as was suggested.

Have you seen the movie Brazil by Terry Gilliam? Somehow this mess gives me same kind of vibes. When you look at M$ support pages they don't make any kind of sense. Just loads of text and options ("was this helpful?" Fuck no.). Why the fuck do you need to register a free program? To get junk mail from M$? If there only was an option for Visual C++ but nothing comes even close. Fuck you open source developers. You should be ashamed for not being able to produce as good or even better than Visual C++.

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