Saturday, 2 July 2011

JADE released

I was disappointed when I saw JADE 0.1.0. I can understand the lack of content, but the engine just doesn't seem to have that next gen roguelike feel. JADE is like ADOM with bigger world map. Fan boys seem to be happy though. I was looking for something more, like ideas to borrow. It's just starting to look like I am the only one with actual new ideas for roguelikes. So all that bragging I've done (not that seriously) can actually become true and Kaduria will simply destroy all previous roguelikes. Well I guess Stone Soup is pretty cool, but I haven't really played it much since I always die in the first or second level.

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Brian said...

My guessing of the situation based on some past Biskup comments, providing I remember them right, is that the heyday of the engine itself and whatnot is going to arrive with Java 7 and what I'd presume to be whatever assortment of additions, fixes, and outright enhancements it'll bring to the table.

That the "big ideas" of the JADE pitch have been out there in the open for a great many years now with snippets implemented here and there across many games also defuses some of the shock value.