Wednesday, 5 August 2015

My new vesuri

I was planning to get a machete (or jungle knife as we call it) for gardening work, but it may give an idea for police officers to shoot you if they see someone running around with a machete. Then I found something which is less weapon-like. We call it a vesuri, it's a type of billhook. If you google search vesuri you know how the traditional "grandpa" model looks. It's much bigger than billhooks in some other countries. But the one I found is smaller:

It's so cute! The blade is 21cm (8 inches) long. If you wonder what 'vesuri' means it's an example of agglutinative structure of finnish language. 'Vesa' means "young" or "offspring" (although less used in these days, it's an old finnish word) and from that is formed 'vesakko' which means a bunch of young trees or shoots of plants. Also from that comes 'vesuri' in where the -ri means some kind of object (or sometimes a person) having some kind of function. Another example is 'imeƤ' which means "to suck" and from that 'imuri' which is a vacuum cleaner ("sucker"). Simple, isn't it.

The reason I got this for gardening is that I think scissors (large gardening ones) and pruners are more strenuous for forearm muscles. It's easier to cut small branches and shoots with a vesuri. You can even cut grass and other smaller plants which is not practical with small pruners or large, cumbersomely heavy garden scissors.

This vesuri is from Marttiini, a finnish company more known from their knives. The price was 48 euros which I think is very affordable, because it's made in Finland. The sheath is also nice, but I don't know how long that lock mechanism is going to last. I guess this kind of tool is less common in modern gardening, probably because it's considered to be an "ancient" tool (which it is). But when you work in a garden and start to think how you could make things easier then you rediscover a vesuri.

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