Monday, 5 February 2018

Code::Blocks 17.12

There is a new major version of Code::Blocks after a substantial amount of time passed from the previous version. It had only one small problem when I ticked off wxSmith plugin during install then ThreadSearch and lib finder didn't work (for whatever reason), but you can fix that without reinstall by removing those .dll files from the plugin directory.

In Windows we have a weird situation with C++ IDEs that there are only two of them: Visual Studio and Code::Blocks. There are others, but they are not that good. I've learned to use both VS and C::B at the same time for my projects. I think it's useful, because both compilers (VC and gcc) find different kind of issues from C++ code which makes it more portable and standards compliant. VC is much more loose about some rules, so it's good to double-check with gcc.

Since Bill Gates left Microsoft the company has been in trouble with Windows, because it's developed by morons, so the same fear is cast over development of Visual Studio. I think VS actually has some problems already, mainly it's becoming quite sluggish and slow in editor UI side. The best thing about VS is the debugger, I think many people agree me on that. It just works, unlike gdb. However I like C::B because it's faster in many things like loading projects and the editor UI is sharp. Since I don't use debugger that much I'm often using C::B.

I think the management window and projects tab could be better with split to headers and source files (for virtual folders also). It would be nice to somehow tag files (and folders) with different colors or other ways for various reasons like showing unfinished files with red color etc. Then you could show/hide files with those rules. I actually suggested this to the developers some while ago, but they didn't get it. Or as typical open source developers they just refuse to listen any feedback and ideas.

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