Thursday, 6 June 2019

Github failure

Suddenly out of nowhere Visual Studio's github extension reset project files of Teemu (sln, vxproj etc.) to beginning of the project, removing all paths and settings, even to a point that it added already removed files to list of files going to github.

In response I removed github extension, because I still want to develop my projects in Visual Studio. It's still, with all its flaws, much better than let's say Code::Blocks. But since I can't really use or trust github extension it had to go.

I know there are github gui's for other than command line use for github, but it's unclear if I have to remove the current github project and start a new one. After this I've been thinking twice about source control. Yes, it's probably a good idea, but what if something goes wrong? It's feels less reliable now when I know it can change files for no obvious reason. What if it changes some random source files and you can't figure it out until days or weeks later?

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