Sunday, 11 August 2019

Unix programming part 1

I have a Mac Mini as a secondary computer for music "production". Since OSX is unix based I want to see if I can compile something from source and also keep a journey of my experiences as a beginner in unix style programming. The project I want to compile is Code::Blocks, a well known IDE mainly for C/C++.

First thing I need is SVN. It's a version control system like Git. Since I removed XCode I don't have "Apple Developer Tools" which can be installed by writing xcode-select --install in the terminal. This is something I knew, although I wasn't sure if svn was part of it, but it seems to be. The reason I removed XCode was that it can't update itself through my slow internet connection without resulting to an endless loop, for whatever reason. XCode is quite a bloated program, I think the version I had was 6Gb download size. It's an IDE. It's basically a text editor with a swift compiler. Who knows why it got that large.

SVN command downloads the source and places files under 'trunk' in user directory. BUILD file tells you need to install wxWidgets with 'monolithic DLL' which I think could be a reference to Windows .dll which OSX doesn't have. But let's not think about that yet. First I need something called 'autotools'. Google gives an 'ad' page with .io extension I'm not going to click. There is a gnu page, but it doesn't seem to specify what "things" are in autotools. BUILD tells there are at least autoconf, automake, libtool, make, etc. The last two are part of xcode command line tools I guess, because they are found. For autoconf and automake I'm using homebrew which is another tool designed to help installing these "things". I'm not sure what else is in autotools, but I guess when I try to do something it's telling something is missing.

The next step is installing wxWidgets which is a cross platform GUI library.

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