Monday, 26 August 2019

Unix programming part 4 - The conclusion

The 'hunspell' was something missing from Code::Blocks itself so it had to be installed with 'brew install hunspell', but this again was something not mentioned anywhere. After that I think the installation was a success, but I think there was a problem with write permission which had to be fixed with sudo chown command, but unfortunately I didn't write it down.

So you would think everything went fine and I was able to run Code::Blocks? Yes... and no. Something went wrong with the installation and the entire C::B didn't work as it should. The worst problem is that it doesn't have a compiler and you can't even choose it from the compiler dialog, because it only has 'batch build' tab, everything else is missing! Not only that, you can't even load a project and source files, because the missing compiler. Code::Blocks tells the compiler "plugin" is missing which is a weird error message by itself. Also, all plugins are missing as well and they are not in the location where Code::Blocks is searching for them.

As I stated in the forums it would be great if someone else with Mac would try this and see if it works. There is someone who has pre-build for Mac, but he has not replied to my message yet. Code::Blocks developers themselves seem to be clueless about problems in OSX and they have said they don't have a dedicated OSX developer. But it doesn't seem to be a big surprise, because they haven't even cppchecked Code::Blocks. I ran cppcheck just from old habit and got bunch of basic warnings you should always fix before any kind of release. Obviously I got a reply that I should submit patches.

I have many questions but I doubt open source scene or unix style programmers has answers to them. Like for example why is everything so difficult for no reason? Why these projects (and this seems to be a common trait in open source projects) are not easier to build and have a simpler structure? It would benefit the developers also, so why make it more complicated than it has to be? I wonder if it's something people simply learn to do and can't even think about anything else. Still there are strange things like not using cppcheck for your own project. It's the obvious thing to do and if you don't use any code quality tools like cppcheck you are an idiot, there is really no other way to express it.

I don't know, maybe they are just ordinary people and the level of programming is simply lower than what I have. It seems to be the case with many open source projects, they are ok, but not great and often not in the same level as commercial software.

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