Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Sleepless nights

I've had problem with sleeping since I was kicked out from job, but I think it's something that happens when you don't have to get up early. Now I'm going to sleep at 2-3:00. It's beginning to look like I'm able to work at night, while back some time I was too tired to do anything but stay awake.

I'm going to start game testing of Teemu by going through each level theme and see if I can survive them. I guess I need to forget about really big adjustments to the game engine, just to get the actual game released before 2010. That's what I'm planning anyway.

It begins to look like the backlight bleed problem of my Fujitsu laptop is a part of bigger conspiracy (yeah, a real one!) of leds causing it all and they just sell that shit to people. It's my typical luck to get my first laptop just when they started to manufacture led backlight screens. Of course the bullshitting must come to an end, but before that a lot of people have lost their money and will never get it back.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

New cave theme

Re-designed the cave theme. It's now much cleaner with new cavern carving routine mixed with occasional rectangular rooms and small rooms that are attached to free places after the main generation is done. Here is a result:

The nice thing about rooms is that I can later add room themes randomly, something like treasure rooms or rooms full of monsters.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


I've found five bugs from Teemu since release of v1.0. Four of them are fixed. Here is the one I have to fix:

Some of the areas are not connected and some items and monsters are created in them. I made sure that stairs are always generated in the origin point of room so it's pretty much the center of it and those points are always connected in other points with corridors so stairs never get created in detached pieces, but I should still fix them. It should be easy.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Tweaking the engine

I've got the plan for Teemu v1.1 pretty much figured out. There may be some extra things that I want to add, but they are not important for the main "plot" of the game. I'm actually quite optimistic this time, because I have done some changes to the engine that makes it more data-driven. It's very similar to the way I'm refactoring Kaduria.

Besides now I have a testing tool that re-generates the level when I press [r]. I didn't have a working one in v1.0 which made the testing of level generation quite challenging. I had to exit the game and restart it to try it again. Now I can make quick changes and test it really good to see if there is any problems.

It's obvious that even a small and relatively simple game is easier to maintain with data-driven approach, even if it's just some parts of the source code that actually are data-driven.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The best country in the world

Finland is the best country in the world this year, according to Legatum study. This made me laugh for a moment (yes, I'm finnish), but then I realized those wacks can very well be right. We are so hopeless as a species that Finland is the best we can do. It's kind of depressing.

Even we are the best there is still many things we could do better. We have certain amount of corruption, but we don't like to call it corruption. We even have homeless people and a shitload of unemployed people. Finland is also a very expensive country to live in.

The good thing about Finland is that we are pretty decent people. We like to do things right and work hard. But we too are in the pressure of globalization and we really are the most vulnerable to that. If we can't stop the flow of criminal foreigners to our country everything will be lost in 50 years. Their genes are lesser. I hate to say that, but what can I do? It's their fault of being stupid apes compared to us.

Maybe this was not yet the time to progress from apes to real intelligent human beings like us. We need more time for others to evolve in the same level where we are now.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

File dialog trouble

What happened was that Windows file dialog collided with SDL_syswm.h which defines WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN. I think the best solution for now is create another file for file dialog only, but I really need to get rid of windows file dialog. It should not be used in SDL program, but I can't think of any alternative solutions right now. I really hate gui libraries that are gigantic and most of gui libraries are just like that. Besides I like to work with Stile's gui, because it's making everything possible and not making the program too slow.

Fixed name clash with 'pixel' and also made working RGB handles. It required almost total rewriting of Color_Handles class, but I'm glad I did it. The only problem is HSV bug that is fetching the base color value from HSV selector area, when I think it should take it from current tool color.


The solution for collision was easier than I thought. Just switch the places of windows. h and SDL_syswm.h.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Trouble with Teemu

After 1.0 release I really haven't been that interested to code Teemu. I'm busy with Agduria (and Kaduria) and it may well be possible that Agduria will be playable game sooner than Teemu 1.1. Maybe I added too many features in Teemu 1.1 and going through the to do list isn't fun. Also I feel that I said what I wanted to say with Teemu: that I'm capable of programming a complete game, no matter how simple it is. Not that it's really that important, but I began to get annoyed about jokes related to Kaduria.

Besides it was true what many people said about a smaller side project. It's a great way to improve programming and game design skills and also create solutions that can be used in other projects. As games "7DRL" or small roguelikes can't compete with major ones, that is certain, but they provide good practice for programmers, if there was no previous experience of that kind of stuff.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Teemu update

It's too slow to program Teemu @ work so I'm taking it back to home. Besides DevC++ is worse than VC and when the project is getting bigger it's clumsy to browse it with DevC++. Plus you don't always have time to program at work, because some people keep telling you should do some things, you know, work stuff. That's breaking my concentration always when that happens.

I could probably concentrate on Teemu anyway, hack the 1.1 ready, release the source code and let other people take care of possible new versions.