Saturday, 19 November 2011

Skyward Sword

The european release day was yesterday and of course I had pre-ordered Zelda: Skyward Sword like three months earlier. I'm not a die hard fan of Zelda series, but I do have a habit of getting new Zelda. My initial reaction was disappointment. Really, they took Ocarina's engine and added some kind of DOF filter to it. It's just like old days: moving around is dangerous, because Link shoots from 0 to 100 in 0.01 seconds. Even the camera sucks like it did in Ocarina of Time. Characters consists of like 20 polygons. All this in 2011. I guess some people like retro, but I'm not one of them.

Then there is the old school game design like dialogs you can't skip and it's typed one letter at a time, slowly. People talk a lot and they repeat their bullshit a lot. I could live with retro graphics, but game design like this. Fuck.

So is there anything good in this game? Well the animation of the sword is impressive. You can feel the weight of the sword. Handling the sword is cool in places where you have to cut stuff, but I haven't yet learned to use the sword in combat. I'm just swinging around like mad. Maybe it's just me. I also like the stamina meter, even it's just a small detail. It makes things like hanging on the ledge much more interesting and "realistic".

After a well slept night my anger has settled and I feel that I can play this game. There are small positive things like level design and maybe even character design (those funny characters) that makes it worth it to take beating from the poor aspects of this game.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Teemu continues again

My new plan is complete Teemu 1.3 before 2012. It gives me something to focus on and it's something I can finish in relatively short time, since Kaduria is not going anywhere soon. Some planned features of Teemu 1.3 will be removed from the to do list for 1.3, but not the important ones.

Filco Tenkeyless has been working great, no bugs or whatever. Now I don't understand how I was able to use keyboards like Labtec Ultra Flat. I guess it's difficult to spot if something is wrong with the keyboard. It's possible to write with any kind of keyboard, but writing with Filco is just easier.