Saturday, 24 January 2015

Opera 26

A while ago Opera 12 suggested a new version of Opera with nag screen, which still appears if you start 12. I thought what the heck, let's give it a try.

The new update version 26 branch has been around for a while, but what I've read it has not been a huge success among users. One of the rumours also is that it's based on Chrome browser's engine for some strange reason.

I don't mind about the new user interface solutions that were more or less forced on Firefox as well, but (and this is a big one) there is something weird going on with Opera 26's resource management. Some people might not notice it at all, but I noticed my computer's case fan started to burn louder which means a program is heavy. But why a web browser should do that? It's not like a renderer or some other heavier programs.

What I found out with ProcessExplorer is that for some reason Opera is constantly using I/O operations. When you load a page with browser like Firefox it's loading and some I/O activity is present as you would guess. But Opera is loading something all the time. It's more than suspicious and also unnecessary task for computer.

I don't know why Opera team decided to choose Chrome as their engine. What was wrong with the 12 branch engine? It wasn't all that bad and it was fast. We may never know, but for me this was the end of Opera. I'm going to remove both versions.

Sadly this is not an isolated phenomenon. There is something shady going on with development process where a working program is fucked up with either really weird UI or something else. What kind of people do that and why?