Thursday, 14 April 2016

Fix your shit Microsoft

The recent event with Windows update has made the update process fail and constantly spend 50% of cpu (in dual core, it's 25% I guess in quads) in Win7. I've tried couple of tricks, but it could have made things worse... In a way things like this are almost understandable because it's Microsoft, but...

If only I was a regular computer user, I would immediately switch to Linux. But I'm a game developer and I'm thinking in terms of availability of programs. It makes a lot of sense to develop for most common platform and then possibly release source code for hacker platforms like Linux, where compiling from source code is something you do all the time.

Microsoft has had problems with 10 as well. I believe it has been the most unreliable OS since Vista. People talk about several types of problems related to hardware, software or even 10 working at all. Clearly there has been changes in the way Microsoft handles programming since Bill Gates left the building. Gates is a real programmer, in fact I think he is actually good at programming. One can only wonder that goes in the mind of Gates now when he is watching these recent problems of Microsoft.

The situation in OS market has been difficult for many years, because we don't have a good option for Windows. If there was, a huge number of people and companies would gladly leave Windows. Both OSX and Linux have different kind of problems. OSX has very limited amount of software and I firmly believe the reason is the way Apple handles development. Linux and open source world is on the other hand too unreliable for any real life work. You need some kind of consistent support for regular programs used in real jobs and even we know Windows has serious problems in security etc. it's still a better option.

It's strange to realize that 10 years ago (Windows XP era) things were better. Even we know more today and have much better hardware something has happened that makes everything difficult and unreliable. Programs, operating systems and even web pages are getting worse, not better. What the fuck happened?