Monday, 18 July 2011


Went down some three stairs in a dungeon. Couldn't capture the full error message, because copy-pasting it to Notepad crashed Notepad itself! But I got this:

It looks like JADE has lots of issues, but what the heck, I'm playing it anyway. It's interesting to follow the development of this game.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Bad news

I guess they are bad. Teemu is now in ice, I will possibly continue it when Kaduria's first playable version is ready. There is a lot of stuff to add in Teemu, but I just can't concentrate on two major projects at the same time. I even have difficulties to add some features in Brick Atelier I need in the development of Kaduria (tile append to be exact).

I think Teemu doesn't need that much work and maybe if I keep a distance it will be easier to return and finish the job.

Other bad news is that I'm expecting some problems in my personal life... it may reflect to game development. No, I'm not getting married, that's the worst mistake any roguelike developer can do. I'm just having problems with everyday life, which is supposed to be easy.