Tuesday 5 August 2008

LambdaRogue 1.0

This time I was able to actually kill something, some worms, but the game told me that I shouldn't kill them. Like.. why. They are worms and enemies. The I was quickly killed by ant-something when I was trying to find out why numpad diagonal keys don't work. I didn't land a single hit, maybe because diagonal keys don't work in numpad? I tried both num lock on or off.

The user interface is still confusing. You have Space, Return, Esc and both mouse buttons to perform actions, but they seem to work different way in some situations. For example Esc doesn't always exit the current window, you need to use Space to continue. It's just confusing. I'm hitting all the wrong keys and buttons all the time! Well, it's not that bad actually, it's just an user interface.

The game itself seems to be pretty simple. I can't say, because I always die very soon when I can't hit the monster for some reason. This is becoming a game I love to hate.