Saturday 15 July 2017

New plans for Teemu

Well, same old actually, because I'm refactoring Level class hierarchy with the same idea I had for Kaduria. It's such a great way to handle the biggest class structure roguelikes will probably always have which is the random level generation and other stuff happening in levels.

This time it's easier, because classes in Teemu are way smaller than they are in Kaduria. Another new idea for Teemu is that terrain tiles become containers of objects. Yet I think there will be lists to handle things like monster movement, but those will be a copy of the map container's objects (pointers of course, not real copies).

I hope this new system will also push the release date of 1.3 closer. It's annoying situation, because I know there is not that much to do, unless I want to make Teemu more complex which should be the plan anyways. I'm one of those developers who want roguelikes to be complex and not simple commercial action games everyone is making for mobile game market. I'm laughing at Biskup's attempts to simplify ADOM's UI. I want to make them more complex, because it's fun. It's the reason why we are creating these games.