Friday 22 June 2012

Teemu 1.3 on its way

After a while of thinking I decided to finish Teemu 1.3. It deserves that, because I already had refactored it and didn't want to forget it like that. I think I have to reduce some of the original plans, but let's see what happens. The main difference to previous version will be more complex game engine and role-playing system, which I hope is transforming Teemu more a roguelike.

Good thing is that my job begins later than I thought, it's taking yet a month so I guess it could be a nice amount of time to spend on Teemu.

Saturday 2 June 2012

To rogue or not to rogue

With Teemu I proved that I can release a game. While Kaduria is under development I would also wish to prove that I'm a good game designer. I think now it's the time to do that with all new game project. With it I'm stepping out of the narrow roguelike style and simply create a game. I wouldn't be writing this if I had not come up with an excellent idea. The best thing I guess is that with my current knowledge about game design I can and will plan the game before writing any code. I can also do that at least in three stages and also possibly release the game after each stage.