Tuesday 30 March 2010

ARRP: Teemu 1.1

As the Annual Roguelike Release Party (ARRP) is getting dangerously closer, I'm announcing that Teemu 1.1 will be one of the ARRP roguelikes. There should be plenty of time to program all missing features and maybe even try to figure out couple of new ones. Maybe I should make something every day and take that as leading motivation. I think ARRP makes a lot more sense than 7DRL, because there is no hurry, but at the same time you know others are trying to beat you and create something clever. It's not going to be that easy now, when Teemu v1.1 is announced.

It's on.

Saturday 20 March 2010


Stile: Keyboard commands work again. I missed the fact that you need to & modifier keys to get proper result. Now I'm refactoring icons, because commands are related to them. Before refactoring icons shared common order with commands, but it's not very cool. You need to keep commands in certain order to synchronize with icons and it's not good design. Now Icons have their own id and related data for command id. It's possible to create icons that have different command even if the icon looks the same and it could be useful in other places (in map editor for instance).

The class design of Stile is interesting, because I feel I'm facing classic problems with class design and ownership issues. I don't know any of that shit, but I'm slowly getting better. I guess.

Friday 19 March 2010

Wasting my time

Writing some totally unimportant refactoring to Stile. I try to improve Stile's source code structure, but it's taking its time. The command structure is now data-driven which means each command is listed and given a keyboard shortcut (if defined) and after two days of work I can't get the keyboard to respond to the data. I don't know what is the problem, because I have very similar kind of system in Kaduria already working like a charm. Well, something is different I guess! The work I'm putting in Stile feels like great waste of time, but what the heck.. it's all about wasting. Nothing I have done in game development has had any meaningful results, so why not continue that way while I'm at it.