Friday 7 August 2020

I got cancelled

I was banned from Rogue Temple forums and they did it retroactively by first changing the "rules" and then not giving any chance to follow them. Not that I was breaking any sane rules even before it. The new rules talk about removing "toxic" people so it's complete SJW stuff. It's not surprising to see something like this, but it's not something you have to do. We still have some kind of freedom of speech, I guess?

I can't remember it that well but I think there were couple of people who stated that they leave Rogue Temple because they couldn't handle my spicy messages about roguelites vs. roguelikes. I wonder what happens now, will everyone just return to Rogue Temple and it's going to be one happy family. Will it become like Reddit's roguelike dev with bunch of clueless people who are making all the same mistakes we made when we were starting roguelike development. I feel like those people were just trolling, they were the trolls.

I wanted to write this comment on my ban, because there can be some people who wonder what happened. I'm not upset or anything, just disappointed. This "woke" culture is taking over and we just have to see where it leads us. When they are going to start burning books, or people?

This is going to save my time, because now I don't have to waste it by trying to keep up some kind of actual discussion about roguelike development with mostly trolls and people who are never going to create roguelikes. Even the so called "indie" game development scene has been taken over by people who want to extract money by abusing the legacy of some game genres, but only through false advertisement.

I think it would be hilarious to return to, but I guess they have ruined it as well. Look at yourself. You are ruining everything from everyone, including yourself. Don't think you will be safe.