Monday 15 July 2013

The graveyard

The next destination in Teemu is the graveyard, an addition to places in the island. For that I have to create a name generator for graves, but other than that it's just choosing monsters and the usual stuff.

Finished reading The History Of Seafaring, a monumental book written by Donald Johnson and Juha Nurminen. I thought the subject was not that interesting, but that book surprised me. It also gave me much more accurate information about sailing boats than I knew before and there happens to be a boat in Teemu. I think it's going to have some improvements installed.

I try to work on all three main projects: Kaduria, Teemu and Brick Atelier. I don't want to let any of those projects dry out for too long time. It's just frustrating when you get stuck, in projects like this and in life, too...