Sunday 28 February 2016

Plans for 7DRL

This time I'm trying to participate to 7DRL. It's starting soon, but I think there is time to plan the game before implementing. I had an idea to plan the entire game to paper first, to smallest detail about what kind of datatypes you need etc.

I'm also going to try something different in programming which is using procedural routines in C++ as much as possible and also try to create some kind of component/entity model for data. Procedural functions (procedures?) was something I've noticed useful in some parts of regular class based source, but could it be somehow extended more, still maintaining some kind of object based implementation? Who knows, but if this works then we'll find out.

When working with quite large source code as Kaduria has I've started to think about problems in OOP, especially the large number of functions there seems to be in classes. Maybe it's just my fault and I write more specific functions than actually needed.