Wednesday 3 August 2022

The project cycle

Lately my development "cycle" for each project has been exactly five days. I'm focusing on one project for five days and then I'm done. It's enough time to get some feature implemented and then sign off for a while. Seems to work quite well.

At the moment I'm working on 6 projects which may seem like too much, but I like it. They are all different, some of them are old roguelikes which are more or less "ready" as games, but I had an idea to make a modern version from them. The rest of the projects are Brick Atelier, Teemu and Kaduria.

In couple of months my current and long-time homepage provider is quitting so I need to figure out how to set up a new homepage. I think it'll become better than the current one, I try to find a "professional" provider so the pages will have better chance to work properly. Some people were complaining that they can't even visit my homepages for whatever reason.

Most of my projects are literally 95% ready so there will be releases "soon". I know I'm playing a long game with my releases, but that's how it is sometimes.