Sunday 13 March 2011

7DRL failure report

I made some stuff for Teemu 1.3 and the week started nicely, but then I was distracted by setting up a DAW for music making. From the demos I tried I liked Ableton and actually found a Lite version from my M-Audio keyboard package. So it didn't even cost me anything. There is a hard limit of 8 max tracks (or instruments) but if you keep things simple it might be enough.

I think I'm going to continue with Teemu, because it was a good start towards version 1.3.

Tuesday 8 March 2011

The player

I'm in process of rewriting some stuff in Teemu's data-driven engine. The big question is how Creature and Player classes are organized. This far I've made "quick hack" solutions and wrote some checks inside the Creature class for the player. It makes some routines player only and it's bad from data-driven point of view. So I'm trying to rewrite those routines. Let's get an example. When someone throws something at enemy there is no way to determine who threw the item so it's always the player. There is a also a chain of routines leading to Level class without any way to determine the thrower.

The strict way to do shit is make Creature class routines generic enough so they can be used by the player and other creatures without any kind of special checks. Then use virtual routines to override Creature routines when the player needs something special. This is what I need to do now to prepare creatures for more sophisticated AI routines.

Friday 4 March 2011

The pirate week

7DRL starts tomorrow. I'm probably going to participate with the next version of Teemu which I know will not be done in one week. But let's give it a try. I'm stuck in Kaduria (as well) so it's nice to switch project for some time.

The task of creating a custom role-playing system for Teemu doesn't look that difficult, but I guess it is. It's mostly the balancing and how to balance stuff with... other stuff, mainly weapons and armour. I have a cool idea about how to use armour, but no idea how it will actually work.

The second thing is trying to create a data-driven engine for all object types so you can like create new items and touch only the item type data and class. That way I could add insane amount of object types and surprise everyone with a new major roguelike.