Friday, 4 March 2011

The pirate week

7DRL starts tomorrow. I'm probably going to participate with the next version of Teemu which I know will not be done in one week. But let's give it a try. I'm stuck in Kaduria (as well) so it's nice to switch project for some time.

The task of creating a custom role-playing system for Teemu doesn't look that difficult, but I guess it is. It's mostly the balancing and how to balance stuff with... other stuff, mainly weapons and armour. I have a cool idea about how to use armour, but no idea how it will actually work.

The second thing is trying to create a data-driven engine for all object types so you can like create new items and touch only the item type data and class. That way I could add insane amount of object types and surprise everyone with a new major roguelike.

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