Monday, 23 February 2015

Adventure games are back

I'd like to finish the next version of Teemu. It all started to go wrong when I wanted to have more sandbox in the gameplay. What I realized much later is that I should not be afraid of static gameplay features but continue in that path. So today I made a new plan for "quest items" and their locations which is going to make Teemu even more adventure game than it was before.

I think Teemu is going to be an adventure game with roguelike features rather than a roguelike with strong storyline. It's possible to add things forever in a game like this, too, so 1.3 will probably not be the last version.

The real time consuming part is the role-playing system which I guess will be really simple, but it must be different than now, because there are new enemies, slightly different storyline and stuff like that.