Monday 16 April 2018

Planning a new PC

My current Windows PC tower has served eight years and it's an affordable Acer. Not bad at all, but looks like it's getting into the end of its natural lifespan. I've tried to clean it, but it's running quite hot and the HD is going to fail some day, because Windows 10 is rotating it all the time.

Most towers these days are quite bad, for example all these small form cases. You just know they are going to fail keeping everything cold enough and it's harder to add parts or replace them etc. They still make regular size towers, but prices have gone up quite a bit. I guess one reason is that thing with video cards and maybe memory chips, too.

My plan is a quad core i5 with internal video chip, and then get video card later if it's needed. HP or Lenovo, they both make towers in that price range (~800 €). I think Acer is soon releasing a new range of towers, at least there seems to be a new model in their homepage, which doesn't even look that ugly. I could wait, it's possible that Acer is going to be 100 euros cheaper than other brands.

I hate technology. It's weird, I know. I do like programming and game design, but everything tech related makes me just sad and depressed. In case of PCs you pay shit ton of money and there is always something. It's like gambling when you get a new PC. Is it going to be fine? Does it have some annoying feature or part you have to change?

There would be more options if it wasn't this gaming bullshit. I can't stand how ugly those gaming computers look even if they had good options for the price. Everything is angular so you can't even put anything on top of the tower. Maybe I will change this blog to a lifestyle blog, me complaining about everything tech related.