Tuesday 4 July 2023

Brick Atelier 0.87 released

You can download it from here:


The release had some last minute issues like when I was trying to remove the console window from SDL. The solution is indeed change the project type to windows application and just use regular main function with SDL.h included, because it's taking care of that with a macro.

This release is not perfect, there are some bugs and missing features. Depending on the amount of feedback I possibly get (there may be none) it could be a motivation for faster release cycles, but we'll see. I don't expect a huge success for this project, because it doesn't have many of the basic features that other pixel software has.

I also feel like I don't have to focus on Brick Atelier for a moment and I can now maybe choose another project for release crunch.

The idea of class library I was talking about last time was a bad one. It's just because how C/C++ "works" in that area. Otherwise it would be a nice dream to have shared source code in multiple projects.