Friday, 3 January 2014

I'm on a boat!

There are ten to do items that I was able to give some kind of estimation how long they will take. Then there are seven items that need more detailed plan so I can even try to allocate them on the calendar. Which I did for those ten items. I spanned them over a week, starting from tomorrow. So, now I know what to do for the next week.

I'm also trying to check out the actual time spent on that feature to see how well I could estimate the development time. It should be interesting, at least if your life is as boring as mine. Which I doubt.

If this works at least in some level it could be applied to Kaduria also, but it's too early to say. It would be interesting to get some kind of rough estimation of development time for Kaduria as well.

Thursday, 2 January 2014


I'm thinking GUI is something I start to improve when I know the gameplay would need serious work. I really didn't have to improve Teemu's gui or change fonts but I did it, because then I wouldn't have to handle difficult problems (yet).

I need to change that and leave GUI as the last thing to finish when everything else is in place. Even started it today I browsed through some of the notes left in source code for later fixing. I also got a kind of revelation in the usual problems with Creature and Player classes which I guess could really inherit from such a simple base class that there would never be need to check the player instance inside Creature class (from which Player is derived in my roguelike projects). Yet I'm wondering what kind of base class would that be?

About the unfinished features. Maybe I should even count the estimated time to finish them so I could possibly allocate the development time for Teemu, you know, using a calendar. Then again.. maybe it's too much.