Thursday 12 November 2009

New cave theme

Re-designed the cave theme. It's now much cleaner with new cavern carving routine mixed with occasional rectangular rooms and small rooms that are attached to free places after the main generation is done. Here is a result:

The nice thing about rooms is that I can later add room themes randomly, something like treasure rooms or rooms full of monsters.

Wednesday 11 November 2009


I've found five bugs from Teemu since release of v1.0. Four of them are fixed. Here is the one I have to fix:

Some of the areas are not connected and some items and monsters are created in them. I made sure that stairs are always generated in the origin point of room so it's pretty much the center of it and those points are always connected in other points with corridors so stairs never get created in detached pieces, but I should still fix them. It should be easy.

Monday 9 November 2009

Tweaking the engine

I've got the plan for Teemu v1.1 pretty much figured out. There may be some extra things that I want to add, but they are not important for the main "plot" of the game. I'm actually quite optimistic this time, because I have done some changes to the engine that makes it more data-driven. It's very similar to the way I'm refactoring Kaduria.

Besides now I have a testing tool that re-generates the level when I press [r]. I didn't have a working one in v1.0 which made the testing of level generation quite challenging. I had to exit the game and restart it to try it again. Now I can make quick changes and test it really good to see if there is any problems.

It's obvious that even a small and relatively simple game is easier to maintain with data-driven approach, even if it's just some parts of the source code that actually are data-driven.