Monday 9 November 2009

Tweaking the engine

I've got the plan for Teemu v1.1 pretty much figured out. There may be some extra things that I want to add, but they are not important for the main "plot" of the game. I'm actually quite optimistic this time, because I have done some changes to the engine that makes it more data-driven. It's very similar to the way I'm refactoring Kaduria.

Besides now I have a testing tool that re-generates the level when I press [r]. I didn't have a working one in v1.0 which made the testing of level generation quite challenging. I had to exit the game and restart it to try it again. Now I can make quick changes and test it really good to see if there is any problems.

It's obvious that even a small and relatively simple game is easier to maintain with data-driven approach, even if it's just some parts of the source code that actually are data-driven.

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