Sunday 12 September 2021

Banana Rogue 0.1

After about two years of work to refactor Advanced Rogue from C to C++ it finally compiles and runs. I did skip a step which is saving and loading function pointers of "daemons" (delayed actions), but it should not be that difficult to code later. The game does run, but... yeah, let's just say it has some rough edges to smooth out.

The SDL2 implementation doesn't replicate Curses perfectly so there are some problems like you can't see the enemies and item char is not removed from the screen when an item is picked up. The reason for that is quite complicated system of overlaid curses windows which in SDL2 act a bit different way. The game is so primitive that it doesn't have a level data buffer, it's simply using the screen to store level data.

However I find the game quite interesting, because it is so heavily concentrated on the RPG system and everything else is really simple. It's like the opposite of my projects and maybe some other projects as well, where the dungeon generation is overly important and the RPG system has got much less attention.

At this point I have to stop for a while, this is my gates of Moria where I take a while to contemplate this project. Obviously when I return it's time to clean it up and make it actually work which could be harder than it has been this far. My focus at the moment is Teemu 1.3 and somehow now it feels easier to work on a project that has much better code quality, because at least it's not holding you back.