Saturday 2 June 2012

To rogue or not to rogue

With Teemu I proved that I can release a game. While Kaduria is under development I would also wish to prove that I'm a good game designer. I think now it's the time to do that with all new game project. With it I'm stepping out of the narrow roguelike style and simply create a game. I wouldn't be writing this if I had not come up with an excellent idea. The best thing I guess is that with my current knowledge about game design I can and will plan the game before writing any code. I can also do that at least in three stages and also possibly release the game after each stage.


Mario Donick said...

Good luck! Teemu is indeed a good game, and it deserves more attention.

Will it be a RPG, or something different?

Joseph said...

Sup Mario! This is JO from Temple of the Roguelike....:-)

Hey Krice. Don't get too distracted and scattered man. Pick something and punch it through. Finish!

I know you don't need this speech, you are definitely more accomplished in programming games. But I thought I'd just give you an unsolicited pointer.

Finishing something is tough, super tough. You can have a bunch of half finished shit and it won't matter,. Having one finished project is worth 100 fantastic ideas half complete.

You know this shit. I just wanted to shine some light just in case it helped your process.

I get too scattered. I have an idea, half finish it, lose interest, and move on. Stupid.

Krice said...

I need to get distracted from roguelikes. Even this new project is too much like a roguelike which I started to notice almost right away. What to do... It's like I don't even know any other game genres than roguelike/RPGs.