Thursday, 6 January 2011

Plans for 2011

I've decided to leave Kaduria for a while and concentrate on Teemu 1.3. I have also started to plan a new game project that is not a role-playing game. I got a really nice idea and the least I can do is plan as much as possible.

Last week has been hard, because I got a strangely difficult flu. This is something different than your average flu. Even my eyes were inflammated and swollen. I went to a doctor and my inflammation levels were too high for normal flu so I got antibiotics, but I'm not sure if they helped a lot.

If I was to die in this illness I want to say it has been nice to be a part of roguelike community, even I consider myself a rogue part of it. We come from different cultures and religions, to face an intellectual task of creating a roguelike. I think the humanity needs more of these tasks where we can all join our forces instead of killing each other. We need to compete in knowledge, not in the amount of weapons.


Jose said...

Wise words there.

Mario Donick said...

Very good.

But I hope you'll get well again.

x said...

Very well said! Hope you're feeling better by now :)