Saturday 16 April 2011

Brick Atelier news

It's almost ready for release. I still have to solve the editor pixel size problem, but I guess it's going to be quite easy to limit the max size of editor pixel when the tile size is getting too big.

This is the current development version. As you can see there are some changes made. The UI, while still trying to fit everything in one screen, is less crowded. I also spread the information about tile id which is now in bottom left next to the tile strip and there is now a new information screen that shows things like location and color values. I'm planning to move the brush icons at the left side of palette area, where that empty space is. Then the vast empty area is reserved for the editor tile and 2x2 real size tile, tile copy and clone brush.


Brian Jeffears said...

Congrats on the good progress.

Krice said...

Thanks. It's now practically ready, but I still have to build the final with GCC (I'm using Visual C for developing) and it's usual that GCC is complaining about something that Visual C doesn't care.