Wednesday, 11 May 2011

MyWinLocker adventure

Acer was pre-installed with MyWinLocker, a totally useless piece of crap software. Control panel's remove program did not work with either settings (checking/unchecking) and when check the MyWinLocker suite entry was removed, leaving the program still there. I tried to download and run the "tool" from Egistec site, but nothing happened. Well, fuck this. Let's go hardcore. You wanted it, you got it.

1. De-activated all processes related to Egistec.
2. With CCleaner deleted entries in startup
3. Deleted all Egistec folders from Program Files (x86), well the IPS or whatever refused to be deleted so a restart was needed
4. Deleted the remaining IPS folder
5. Deleted start menu folder of Egistec
6. CCleaner windows registry clean up
7. Re-started and hoped that nothing important was broken (while thinking of removing the entire Windows and becoming a Linux user)

Well, I think that was good enough. The program doesn't start and the files don't exist. There could be entries in the registry, but that's ok.

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