Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Two problems

It looks like I run into two main issues in roguelike development. It happened with Kaduria and now with Teemu. First problem is the way I'm trying to write "perfect" source code and move from hacky to more pure style of source code. It would be good of course, but it's taking time, moving release date away to distant future.

Second problem is the role-playing system. When you try to develop one from a scratch it's not easy. I think most roguelikes have something like D&D or similar which is taking the easy way. But when you try to figure out everything yourself and build a rpg system it's just chaotic. The current system in Teemu is really simple so it wasn't hard to do, but anything more complex than that means you need to plan and think hard. And as we know, thinking is not something I do.

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