Tuesday, 29 April 2014

I should quit

...my work. I often have plans for some day to write code, but the time runs out. Funny thing is that I have only 6 hours of work a day (I must have mentioned this earlier). Then again, I have other obligations that take time. It feels like I never have enough time for myself. Big reason is my situation with other people. And a dog, that monkey needs my time, too.

Maybe I don't plan my days as good as I should. There must be an hour or two just for programming, yet I failed again today to clear that time for development. I guess it has something to do with concentration as well, because I'm easily distracted by other things.


Luke M. said...

If you're easily distracted, keep a list of things you want done (in order of priority.) Part of my struggle is sitting down and going, "What next?" and I often end up fiddling with existing code rather than writing new, more productive things that move the project forward.

Krice said...

I have a to do list, but sometimes it's difficult to follow it, because some things may need adjusting first. And I'm bad at following lists anyway.

I know I'm whining a lot. It's not always that bad, sometimes there are good days when things get done.