Monday 1 December 2014

RPG system troubles

I realized that Teemu has the same problem as Kaduria which is the RPG system. Right when I started to create more sophisticated system for Teemu the new version has been in unfinished state for.. a long time. Of course it's not the only thing in todo list, but it's the biggest problem.

Creating a balanced RPG system is not that easy. I guess that's why many games use D&D or some kind of version of it. And worse yet, when you start to create a system you end up something with hit points, stats and stuff. How else it could be done? Maybe I need to think harder to make something different.

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Peter Knobloch said...

I love how Brogue simplifies the stats to HP and Strength. Food is just a way to force the player to keep moving, but it's the items that change the style of play. If you find heavy armor and weapons, it's different from if you find staves. If you find a regen ring and get it to +10, you'll survive but need to dodge everything.