Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Teemu news

With new confidence from experiences in Kaduria about handling messages in a new way I'm trying to apply that to Teemu. The last time I touched Teemu's source code was in March this year. Yes. It's been a long time.

The way I'm approaching the development of Teemu is through refactoring. It seems to be a better option than just continue with the current source code structure. The changes are quite minor I hope, but an important step to get past the writer's block.

The good thing about Teemu is that it's way simpler than Kaduria. It's so much easier to program. The bad thing is that it's still a roguelike-ish project and is going to be more roguelike with the new features. So it's easier, but only in the context of roguelikes.

My plan for allocating time for each of my projects could be something like a week for each project at a time? I don't know, because it never seems to go according to the plan. But it would be nice to get Teemu 1.3 ready and also the next version of Brick Atelier to get them out of the way, possibly giving space for entirely new side projects.

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