Saturday, 12 December 2015

Nethack 3.6.0

The elusive Nethack Dev Team (or just the Dev Team) has released a new version of Nethack. It's not a big update, but they are in a process of trying to catch up the current vibe of development in this modern age of wonders.

I've been sick and mainly trying to recover, so it has been practical to spend time playing the new version of Nethack (rather than programming which can be strenuous). While it doesn't have many new features it somehow feels solid. You know, it just works. I still after all these years don't like D&D or the way it forces you to play the game. The nice thing about NH and many other roguelikes is that you don't exactly have to follow "powerplayer" rules and tricks. So it's possible to create your own "story" by trying out stuff. Usually it means rather untimely death, but it's the price you have to pay for freedom.

It's interesting to see where the Dev Team is heading with the next version. It could be difficult to change such an iconic game as Nethack. Maybe the changes are something like more complex environment?

I'm slowly getting my strength back and in fact today I did some programming. I have some nice ideas for Teemu in source code level to achieve more modular structure which is always a good thing, so I know what to do for next week or two.

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