Thursday 15 June 2017

C# language experiences

I've programmed something with C#, a loader for .wst tiles to test how easy it could be. To be honest it was kind of easy. C# has a large library of stuff which makes trivial things let's say somewhat easier than in C++. C# in Windows at least is closely tied to Windows APIs (or whatever they are called these days) and programs with GUI has that part in them. I'm not too happy about working with Windows form designer etc. but that's life for you.

As a language C# is quite close to C++, but the main difference is automatic value/reference system similar to Visual Basic. Another easy to spot difference is that you write code directly to classes, there are no header files or declarations of classes. Namespaces are an essential part of programming as they should be. Other than that the syntax is very close to C++ which makes it a lot easier to approach than let's say Visual Basic.

After writing the loader I've started to think about trying to write a simple roguelike engine for C#. It's sad that I can't think of any other game types, but maybe roguelikes are the only games I want to play? In my opinion C# doesn't make everything that much easier, because the hardest part of a program is always the content and actions of the program. But it could make some GUI stuff easier to implement.

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