Saturday 20 January 2018


It was somewhat cold this morning (-15C) but also foggy which is quite rare at least in here. It's creating some spectacular looking frost on trees:

As imaged using my potato Fujifilm X10. Frost is like strings of crystallized snow which I guess is formed when that warm foggy air is attached to end of the string in wind. Or maybe I'm just guessing.

About that Cornucopia generator. I've fixed double walls which is generating quite nice looking rooms, since some of them become irregular (not strictly rectangular) and also made the corridor creation. In that I realized you can't create corridors before the next feature is made so corridors need a special routine to allocate their space with Restricted mask type. The only things left are different sizes for each feature type which has complicated the routine somewhat, but in the end it will be useful to have, and then determining which kind of rooms the generator is creating.

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