Wednesday 24 April 2019

Visual Studio 2019 first contact

The install procedure as side-by-side version was smooth. Sadly the installation is the best part of the new Visual Studio. Let's list the things I didn't like.

1. Everything is slower in noticeable way. Solution loading is slower, the editor also and compiling. It's less an issue if you have a modern PC which I don't have.

2. Automatic formatting of source code by default. I just don't like it. Why not leave everything off and let the user add formatting as needed?

3. In some cases when you press arrow up it doesn't go up, but warps to the end of the line, for unknown reason. Didn't yet figure out how to turn that off.

4. The already infamous extra horizontal toolbar area under the menu. No one needed it, but there it is and of course you can remove tools from it, but not the bar itself and "live share/feedback" buttons. I think the feedback button will be used to give feedback about this feature. Everyone who is actually programming knows that you need vertical space for text editor, but this strip is taking 2-3 lines of code away for no reason at all. At least make it optional, it can't be that hard to do.

I really hope Microsoft isn't slowly crapping VS, because it's probably the best piece of software Microsoft has ever released. Even with these new features you can work with it, it's not that bad. And there is no competition so you have to take it.

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