Tuesday 19 October 2021

Abura Tan SM

This is an old roguelike project by Michael Blackney from 20 years ago. I refactored this in 2009 to SDL (1.0 version), but I think it's time to take a look at this again. It took couple of days to make changes for SDL2 which does have more differences than I remembered. Also for the join-macros I had to turn on "standard" macro property from Visual Studio and replace file finding with std::filesystem.

It does run, but I can't see anything. Possibly the font routine doesn't work properly, because if I replace the data with some random fill color you can see blocks of them on screen. The source code is the kind of C++ you never want to see. It's overly complex object-oriented style and has some annoying features like returning from each case label, leaving out breaks and the last return from end of the function. I think there are also user-made list and string classes which is always great fun.

As I remember it also has a bug which displays the level over the message area, but when the font routine is fixed we'll see if SDL2 fixes anything (the screen update works different way compared to SDL). But if I get this to run properly it might be an interesting project. This I'm going to upload to my Github which at the moment is empty. I need to use an external Git gui rather than Visual Studio, because I don't want git to mess up my projects. Git is awful to be honest.

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