Tuesday, 1 July 2008

The cave

New screenshot from Teemu:

It's a cave. But, there is something different in this cave. It's not just any cave, it's there for a reason. The inhabitants of the cave made it like that. It's a functional cave and a real part of the game world. This small difference made me think "why, of course..." If you create a random level with random monsters that has no other function than be a level, it's going to be poor.

A new feature is unexplored tiles shown in dark grey color. It makes navigating easier when you see what areas you have visited and makes a clear distinction between floors and walls that are obstructed by the field of vision.


Anonymous said...

The darkgrey is VERY dark on my current monitor, but if your game is console-based this should be not problem, as one can adjust the colors used. If it's a console emulation, you could make it a little bit brighter perhaps.

Krice said...

Maybe include a gamma correction option. LCDs seem to be a lot brighter than old CRT monitors.