Thursday 30 October 2008

Testing combat of Teemu

Today I was testing how the creatures should react to attacks. This is the first time I'm this far in a combat system. I never did that for Kaduria, because I have focused in complex world creation and the combat system of Kaduria will be different anyway. I think it will not have hit points at all, but Teemu certainly has them.

You can already hit and kill the enemies and they respond to attacks, but there is no movement or counter attacks yet. I created all monster types in one level to test the combat and it's easiest if they don't move around. It's tempting to add features in this stage, but I try not to do that. I'm free of high expectations for this project, it's not even supposed to be complex.

I started to make the power system, but then ran out of time. I'm keeping it in that two hours strictly so I don't get tired of programming. This seems to be the best idea I've had in times. The game may actually be ready in two weeks.


Anonymous said...

Great to hear that you make progress. I'm looking forward to play and review Teemu!

Krice said...

Since when you have reviewed games?:) Anyway, I guess it's going to be interesting for all of us. Lots of people can stop saying that I never make games.

Anonymous said...

I _have_ to review Teemu. I have to see if it's better than LambdaRogue ;)