Saturday, 8 May 2010

Bugs fixed

All open bugs are now fixed in Teemu. Feels nice, but I'm sure there are more bugs to find when I playtest the game. What comes to features I really want to add size for objects, because it will hopefully make damage model more complicated and add variation to monsters, and it should improve balance issues.


Mario Donick said...

But keep the new features for Teemu 1.2 -- I want to have 1.1 now. :)

Krice said...

The size feature is now added and it's just a really simple modifier for damage. Found a fatal bug in save/load routine of the inventory, but it should be easy to fix and when /if I win the game myself it's ready for release. If there is one feature I should add it's an option for small fonts, because the current font creates quite large window.