Thursday 15 July 2010

Smudge brush for Stile

It's a small victory: I somehow managed to add smudge brush tool in Stile. Smudge tool is quite easy to implement when you know the idea. I was surprised how nicely it works. Creating smooth edges is easier with smudge and you can do that between all colors, not just with color next to black surface (as with darkening brush). Other new features of (soon to be released) 0.82 are seam tools for scrolling the tile halfway and then working with the seam, and context sensitive F1 (currently only for icons).


Jotaf said...

Hey man, the smudge tool looks great; you said it was simple, I wonder how you did it?

I've been using Stile and I have a question -- can you import all the tiles from a single bitmap? If so, how? If not, well, consider it a feature request! :)

By the way, your blog could probably use a link to the Stile page, I had to dig around a bit in order to find it...

Krice said...

Smudge is interpolating pixels from previous location and current location. Previous location is reset after drawing, otherwise you would get the first interpolation from the end of previous brush stroke. Also, when the part of brush goes out of the tile area the smudge is not active there (using default color gives bad result).

Can't import anything (yet), not even tiles from another tileset.