Saturday 22 June 2013

Scripting hard

Teemu's unfinished features have been reduced from 23 to 16. I guess it's something, but hardest stuff is still to do. Once again I noticed that when you put something else in a class from another type of class as functional part of it it's usually a bad idea. But keeping those pesky classes strictly modular is quite impossible or at least unpractical in game programming.

I had an idea to use scripting in one of my roguelike projects. I guess scripting is widely used, but it's alien to me. I might as well try to go as far as possible and try to describe the game using only scripting. I think the good thing about scripting is that it's easier to stay away from static data structures and create a complete set of data for the game content. Maybe even before you write a single line of code. It's like planning the game content in a form of scripting.

Writing a parser for scripting is the hard part and also creating a game engine that can chew the processed data. It's going to be an interesting project. Or not.

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