Wednesday, 12 June 2013

International man of mystery

I heard they were talking about me on IRDCon. I hope it was all good things. Maybe some day I just appear there and surprise everyone. Well, maybe not.

I've cut down my forum time on some regular forums I visit. It's difficult for me, because somehow I have an addiction to forums even things often get into me vs. world situation. I hope the forum time will be allocated on game development in more efficient fashion.

Finally started to work on my new project. I know it's madness, but I need more projects to jump between them or I'll get bored. Besides this new game is a nice idea. It was one of those ideas you get suddenly before falling into sleep. It's almost like you could see the game in your mind's eye, the third one of course.

1 comment:

Darren Grey said...

Someone Finnish was there who mentioned that you were a minor celebrity in some Finnish games magazine. There was some discussion of Teemu too - some nice things said about it. You should release games more :P