Friday, 31 May 2013

Mental block

Some days (or weeks?) ago I stopped programming all three of my projects. I didn't want to see C++ code, because I've been looking at it for... a long time.

It's temporary I hope. I need a vacation from this game programming "hobby". Actually it has been really warm in Finland for these two weeks, blame that too. When it gets warm it's hard for arctic region people to function properly.

I've been working on an unrelated 3D model and planning my next move for Kaduria and other projects. One of the big problems seems to be that the source code becomes difficult to maintain, because things like level class becomes really huge and it can get out of control. Maybe I need yet another "small" refactoring tour to do stuff like detach creation routines from level class or try to develop modular solutions in some areas of the source code.

The danger is that when you try to improve the source code you forget to create the game.


Darren Grey said...

At times like this I find it's good to take the time to play some other games. Too often I put off playing games because I feel guilty that I should be making instead of playing... But time to play is important, both as relaxation and to help stir up new ideas or perspectives.

7DRLs are especially good for this. I know you're not always keen on them, but they're really cool for a short break. You should especially try out Possession from this year's crop - it has a great monster possession mechanic with a nice range of abilities to take control of.

Another good thing for a break is board games. Or even try designing your own simple board game. Writing on bits of card and fiddling with modelling clay can be more fun than staring at C code on a screen.

Krice said...

I like games, but I'm too picky. I think there is no roguelike at the moment that I would enjoy playing.